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This is a demo of Apple Passbook Gateway Plugin. The plugin allows to download pass from Pass GateApple Passbook server using Rest API.

The plugin creates pass using info (email, first and last name etc) of currently logged in user. This is why you must sign in to try this demo. Then registering, we recommend  providing your first and last name (otherwise plugin will use generic “Club Member”). Also, the pass template uses Gravatar service to fetch your photo. We suggest using email address that has an associated Gravatar image for registration.

You must be logged in to access your membership card


You may download the pass to your computer and send it via email to your iPhone. You may also scan the QR code and download pass directly to Apple Passbook app.

Important: If using QR code scanner on your iPhone please note that Passbook app accepts passes from Safari web browser only. All QR code scanners open links in embedded browser window, which may not be used to download passes. Please reopen the page in Safari, all major scanners support this  option, please refer to your QR code reader manual for detailed instructions.


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